Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Having flat stomach is everyone’s dream, isn’t it? Abdominoplasty is designed to make your dream a reality, by performing surgery on your tummy, extra fats are cut out and you are left with a firmer and flatter body.


Tummy is one of the body parts which has stubborn fats and requires excessive exercise and diet to eradicate them. Women after being pregnant, gain tummy fats which are not easy at any cost to get rid of. Tummy Tuck helps you in getting rid of these extra fats in a fast and easier way.

Tummy Tucks

During the Tummy Tuck surgery, unwanted skin and fat are removed from the abdomen and muscles around the abdomen are tightened. Various types of tummy tucks are performed in IMC medical Center Dubai to help you in getting back in shape. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons carefully perform the surgery to prevent you from getting any pain and remove the fatty tissues and excess skin. There is a chance that your abdomen swells right after the surgery but it will go away in a short span of time.


Typically, tummy tuck takes from three to four hours. Some people recover in 3 to 4 days while others take around 1 to 2 weeks to fully recover.