Body Contouring & Slimming

It is not essential to go through liposuction to get your body trimmed. Having needle marks and loose skin after liposuction are a few of the biggest disadvantages of the procedure.

Cool Shaping

At IMC Medical Center Dubai, we offer all types of treatments to our patients to cater to their unique problems and requirements. One of the procedures we follow at the center is Cool Shaping – it is a non-surgical technique which kills the fat cells underneath the skin and keeps the healthy cells intact. There is absolutely no use of knives, needles and no scars are left on the body.

The Body Contouring treatment takes around 1 hour, after which the individual can return back to his normal daily routine. In the following months after treatment, the effects start to become more visible as your body gets in good shape.

Surgeons and beauticians at IMC are busy in coming up with medical solutions which not only solve your problems but also get you what you expect.