Cosmetic Gynecology

It has been merely a decade when cosmetic gynecology became popular and started being practiced for the betterment of female health. As a result of child birth, weight fluctuations, hormonal changes and ageing, female genital areas go through a lot of stress and changes which can sometimes result in discomfort and issues like no control over urine, urinary infections, physical discomfort, lack of interest in sexual activities etc.


Stress Urinary Incontinence Treatment

At IMC Medical Center , we have the best Cosmetic gynecologyist who can solve the problem of your stress urinary incontinence


Cosmetic Gynecologist

Apart from that, some women have abnormal skin folds at their labia or the size is larger when compared to other women, this can result in distress of women. Our specialists work together to give patients a mix of treatments to give them exactly what they need.

This is the reason why we at IMC Medical Center offer services, include medical and laser treatments to make women feel good about themselves again and enjoy life.


Our experienced specialists with their years of knowledge perform various surgeries:

  • Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Laser Reduction Labiaplasty

  • Reduction Labiaplasty

  • Labiaplasty Revisions

  • Clitoral Hood Reduction or Reduction of Excess Prepuce

  • Laser Perineoplasty

  • Perineorrhaphy

  • Perineoplasty

  • Designer Laser Vaginoplasty