This procedure refers to the use of low temperatures in medical therapy for treating a number of benign and malignant tissue damage, known as lesions.  In this procedure, liquid nitrogen is applied in small amounts to various skin problems – it is extremely cold and freezes all living tissues. The therapy is used to minimize reproduction and cell growth, promote constriction of blood vessels, increase cellular survival and decrease pain, spasm and inflammation. Cryotherapy is ideal for skin tags, small fleshy growth, verrucas and warts.


Whole body cryotherapy treatments are applied in IMC Medical Center Dubai by experienced and knowledgeable specialists to remove lesions.  Although the treatment is uncomfortable for majority of the people, it causes no pain to the patient. The application lasts merely for 10-30 seconds.

After the treatment, the lump or wart loses its color and eventually fall off. Skin might become swollen or red afterwards  and remain that way for a day. After two days, no signs of cryotherapy are visible on the skin.