Dental Implants

To improve the appearance and functionality of your teeth, you can make use of teeth implant services. It is not a rare sight to lose a tooth because of decay, gum diseases or break a tooth or two in childhood in an accident. The missing tooth not only affects the outer appearance but also the chewing process. It can also result in malocclusion or jawbone deterioration if more than one tooth have been broken or misplaced.


At IMC Medical Center, dental implants treatment is performed on patients – titanium post is fitted into the place of the missing tooth. Titanium post is integrates with bone tissues gradually and bone grows around it.

Same Day Implants

Our dental surgeons also offer the latest dental implants technique called Same Day Implants. This procedure takes far less time than the traditional dental implants as they are fitted in a day or two at maximum. Visit IMC today to get dental implant.