Gum Disease Treatment

Most people tend to ignore gums as they are more focused on their teeth but it does not mean taking care of gums is not important or essential for the an overall good oral health. Gum care needs to be start right from childhood as children tend to get more gum diseases, which can damage their teeth and result in tooth decay.


Gum disease also known as periodontal disease is caused due to bacterial infections in the gum. As gums get affected, the disease spreads to tooth and affects it. At IMC Medical Center, the team of periodontists evaluates and treats all gum problems with the help of latest technology and up-to-dated dental instruments.


The first step of treating gums starts with scaling – teeth of the patient are cleaned by dentists to get rid of all type of plaque which was the reason of gum disease. If the gum disease is serious, rot planning is done so that the root of infectious tooth is also cleaned. Latest procedures are used for gum treatment so that the patient feels minimal pain and get maximum results.