Hair Loss Restoration

Hair loss is common among both women and men as they start to age. As men reach their early 40s start to lose their hair and with every year, get closer to going bald. Women, after undergoing pregnancy and later on in menopause, start to lose aggressively.


At IMC Medical Center, we have a number of therapies available to solve your hair loss problems and provide you with treatments which will give you the best results.

PRP For Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is used by our specialist as a treatment for hair loss. It is a non-surgical procedure and pretty simple when compared to other techniques.  The procedure typically lasts for 90 minutes and has promising With the help of a thin needle, your PRP is injected into the scalp which activate the growth factors in your blood and hair growth is naturally stimulated.


The innovative hair transplant techniques in IMC help you in recovering your hair’s former self without putting any effort or bearing pain. Most advanced technologies and latest medical information is used in hair transplant to regain your confidence.

Both Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction methods are used in IMC to cater needs of all patients.