Laser Hair Removal

Various laser hair removal treatments are available – at IMC Medical center, our specialists perform all types of treatments to get you’re the desired results without risking any side-effects. One of the treatments which is usually recommended at the center is the mix of Nd: YAG laser and Alexandrite. This treatment can be applied on all skin types, without the distinction of gender or age.


Although it is never guaranteed that the laser hair removal treatment will assure no further growth of hair, the growth of hair slows down to a minimal level and is considered a long term solution.


If you get a laser hair removal treatment, the results mostly depend upon how your skin reacted to the procedure. The treatment is not dangerous for your health and can be repeated after a certain period of time.  Women, after going through pregnancy or menopause might regrow their hair as hair follicles might be caused in the process.

With excellent team of IMC Medical Center, you don’t have to worry anymore about excess hair on any part of your body.