Laser Treatments For Skin & Hair

At IMC Medical Center, we offer solutions for all your skin problems. From having no or less hair on your scalp to removing pimples, scars or extra hair from your body, our expert physicians are busy in delivering solutions to patients which they expect.


With years of experience and knowledge, the dermatologists take a thorough look at your problem and recommend solutions which will go best with your skin type and problem. It is essential to consult an experienced dermatologist before going through any type of treatment. At IMC Medical Center, we have the best of specialists in the field of dermatology to cater your skin requirements.


Laser treatments are popular as they give long-lasting effects and have no side-effects. Visit us and get laser treatment for any issue that you are facing. Depending upon your specific requirements, we will give you a customized solution and plan to get the best results.  

Our service areas include: