Lipolysis Treatment 

This technique is used for the removal of stubborn fat from a patient’s body. The most common body parts where lipolysis is used include: saddlebags, double chins and love handles. The procedure is applied when fat is not affected by any sort of diet or exercise. It tightens the skin of patient and prevents it from accumulating any fats after the patient has been treated.


When compared to liposuction, it has fewer side effects and is more effective. A minor surgery is done on the patient, to the parts of body where excessive fats are presents. At IMC Medical Center, our expert surgeons with the help of nursing team, do the surgery to reduce the amount of fat in your body.

If you have fats in your body which you want to be removed, lipolysis can do the work for you. The surgeons will examine your body, and recommend you the exact areas where lipolysis needs to be operated. The surgery is brief and the results start to appear in the coming weeks after surgery as the body starts to burn the fat naturally.

Apart from the normal lipolysis, laser lipolysis is also operated in IMC Medical Center. Both are not only effective but also done by the best of surgeons.