Mesotherapy Treatment

To promote the loss of cellulite or fat on a specific part of the body, multiple tiny injections of vitamins, pharmaceuticals etc. are applied into the mesodermal layer of tissue under the skin. According to the patient’s individual needs, different injection techniques are used to get maximum results.

Mesotherapy is popular for giving fine and long-lasting results – the procedure is painless as injections are mostly applied on shallow depths of the skin, typically 4-6mm. The ingredients of the injections travel gradually to deeper level tissues of the skin.

At IMC Medical Center, our specialists provide you with solutions which are at par with the rest of the world. Treatments at the center depend on the particular individual; for fat and cellulite reduction – a course of 10, while for skin rejuvenation – course of six injections. The dermatologists then examine the patient and recommended further treatment based on the skin results.


We offer both types of mesotherapy treatments at IMC Medical Center:

  • Needle mesotherapy

  • No-needle mesotherapy

If you do not feel comfortable with needle mesotherapy, our specialists, with their expert skills apply no-needle mesotherapy to give you the desired results.