Nose Surgery ( Rhinoplasty )

Nose is one of the most obvious parts of a face – if it is not in a good shape, it can damage the whole facial structure. Rhinoplasty is done to correct your nose shape, angle and make it look smaller or larger as you prefer.

If you are having breathing problems, the cosmetic surgery can help you in breathing more comfortably and easily.  


Ear Surgery ( Otoplasty )

Having ears which are larger than the average ear size or are protruding can make an individual life’s difficult. It starts from being called names and shatters a person’s confidence. Otoplasty is the surgery of ears to make them smaller in size or to make them look less protruding.

The surgery is performed after after ears have reached their full size – once a child turns five to six year old, surgery can be applied on him. Surgeons at IMC perform the surgery meticulously to give you the maximum results.


Eye-Lids Surgery ( Blepharoplasty )

Droopy eyelids do not only make you look weary and tired but also older. Blepharoplasty, surgery of the eyelids, has been designed to improve and accentuate the overall look of the upper and lower eyelids.

With age, we tend to lose the elasticity in our muscles, which can result in excess of skin on the eyelids. As a consequence of the extra skin, eye bags, wrinkles and freckles start to appear. This is the reason why blepharoplasty becomes essential to improve the overall facial appearance.

Our specialists at IMC Medical Center, by using their knowledge and years of experience perform the surgery on the most sensitive part of your face.