At IMC Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best of services and medical care.

Our team of professionals includes: Obstetricians, nurse midwives and perinatologists in Dubai, which have the experience and expertise to treat deliveries and pregnancies, no matter how complex they are, with immense responsibility and care.

 Prenatal Care

Our team provides both primary and preventative care as well as family planning, Pap test screening, prenatal care, psychological help and early detection of any sexually transmitted diseases. Should the mother or the baby need any special care or attention, we make sure that they are provided with all the essential medical help.



The services we provide at IMC Medical Center include:

  • Pr-Pregnancy Assessment and Counseling

  • Repeated Early Pregnancy Loss

  • Pregnancy Management

  • Antenatal Care and Confinement

  • Low-Risk Pregnancy - Normal Uncomplicated Birth

  • Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy

  • High-Risk Care

    • Pregnancy With Complications
    • Pr-Existing Medical Conditions
    • Multiple Births
  • Caesarean Section

  • Vaginal and pelvic ultrasound and antenatal scan

  • Normal and assisted deliveries

  • Planning and Management of acute obstetric emergencies

  • Cervical Smears (Pap Smear)

  • Human Papilloma virus Test and vaccination

  • Down Syndrome Screening