Dental Braces

Braces or in medical term known as Orthodontics is the perfect way to achieve the smile you always wanted. With well-aligned, straight teeth, you will not only feel comfortable but also more confident. At IMC Medical Center, we believe in sharing smiles with our patients and providing them with solutions which give them the best results.


The majority of patients, when it comes to getting braces, are children. It is an applauding approach to get your children braces in their early ages, as they will not have any problem later in life.


Orthodontics at IMC take a thorough look at your or your child’s teeth and after assessing the condition, diagnose and treat the dental irregularities. When it comes to getting braces, there are a number of options available for you to choose from. Take a look at the array of orthodontic treatments offered at IMC Medical Center:

Metallic braces

The typical braces have now evolved – they have not only reduced in size but also have heat-activated wires which help you in moving your teeth quickly than they did before.

Lingual braces

Instead of braces being fixed on the outside of your teeth, lingual braces are fixed on the inside of your teeth.

Clear Aligners

These braces are perfect if you do not want braces to be visible to anyone. Depending on the patient, they are custom-made and create no hindrances in the eating or talking process.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are made of metal but are colored in tooth-colored ceramic material which makes them barely noticeable to others.