Root Canal Treatment 

Root canal is also known as ‘the pulp’ – it provides blood supply to your tooth. If the root canal gets damaged, either via tooth decay or any dental injury, the root canal dies as the tooth starts to get dark in color. If your root canal becomes infected, it can lead to inflammation and abscesses and the disease start to spread all teeth. This is the reason why an infected root canal needs to be removed immediately.


At IMC Medical Center, our specialized team of endodontists carries out your root canal treatment in the best possible way. IMC is laced with latest medical instruments and the dentists are updated with recent research to give you solutions which is at par with the rest of the world.


In the hands of our friendly and experienced staff, you are destined to get rid of your root canal ache in a couple of sessions. The best way is to consult dentist as soon as the first signs of infection appear before it spread all over.