Skin Tags Removal Treatment

Skin tags can become a cause for discomfort and lack of confidence if they are visible on parts of body which are visible to everyone. They are mostly found on eyelids, groin, axillae, neck and upper chest. They are not harmful but can be removed. At IMC Medical Center Dubai, our physicians remove skin tags from your body without leaving a scar or a rash so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Moles Removal Treatment

Moles can be of different textures and colors - some are of darker skin tone than your natural skin color while some are raised against your skin. Moles not harmful for your health but if they are visible on your face, neck, chairs and raised against skin, they can cause distress. Our specialist at IMC Medical Center perform various techniques to remove moles from your body without any side-effects. The medical treatments include:

  • Removing mole via surgery

  • Shaving mole off the skin

  • Laser surgery

  • Biopsy

Skin Pigmentation

Usually because of successive sunlight, skin becomes pigmented, blotchy and has different colors. The varying skin color does not look pleasant, which is why, here at IMC Medical center, our team of dermatologists treat skin pigmentation by using various lasers and light sources to give your just the perfect, even skin tone.